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Furnace Transformers for LF and EAF application

Capacity up to 150 MVA;
Secondary Current up to 100 kA;
AC primary voltage up to 145 kV;
Different configurations available in a single unit:
- with one core solution
- with booster solution
- single phase of three phases solution

Voltage Regulation available in the same tank with On-load tap-changer (American or European type);
Connection type:
- close Delta or Open Phase
- copper bus bar or pipes with water cooling

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Ladle Furnace Transformer (LF) are used in AC and DC technology for high current application in the steel plant to feed smelting process. The heavy duty and furnace operation conditions (arc) require transformers to be custom designed and built. The regulation of the secondary high-current on the load is achieved by means of “On Load Tap Changer” OLTC or “De Energized Tap Changer” DETC.


Series reactors are installed on the electrical furnace EAFs to improve arc stability, power factor and EAF efficiency. Available with:
ONAN, ONAF, OFWF cooling system;
OLTC, DETC tap changer.